Safir currently runs on a voluntary basis and has a highly dedicated international team, composed of researchers with various scientific backgrounds and diverse expertise and skills in many fields related to sustainable development and food sustainability. We strive for creating sustainable opportunities through transversal and collaborative innovation and research.

This page will be updated regularly to reflect our open volunteer positions, dynamic interdisciplinary and strong motivations to collaborate, build and optimize our network as we grow!

Abdo Hassoun

PhD, Founder of Safir

Abdo is an experienced researcher in various food science areas. He has a PhD in engineering of biological functions from University of Lille 1 Sciences and Technology in France and worked as a Postdoc in Norway. His research interests include food sustainability, food Industry 4.0 technologies, emerging food trends, and food processing and analytical techniques.

Sophie Gernez

Account Officer at Safir

Sophie was graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Cnam Lille in France. She has passion for Artificial Intelligence and new technologies applied in modern companies. Sophie is especially enthusiastic to optimize business management processes using innovative automation and digitalization solutions.


Amin Mousavi Khaneghah

PhD, Independent Researcher


Dr. Mousavi Khaneghah is a senior researcher at Department of Food Science, Faculty of Food Engineering, University of Campinas, Brazil. He is author or co-author of dozen papers (Scopus indexed) published in international peer-reviewed journals in the field of food science including food packaging, mycotoxins, food contamination, potentially toxic elements (PTEs), pesticide, food safety and Food Process Engineering. He also belongs to the Editorial Boards of a number of reputed international journals besides the guest editor as well as active reviewer several ISI indexed journals. He is one of the top 1 per cent of peer reviewers base on Clarivate  report 2017, 2018 and 2019 and highly cited researcher in cross-field 2021. Dr. Mousavi Khaneghah is a member of technical committees of several institutions related to food safety such as Institute of Food Technologists, American Oil Chemist’s Society and Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology, Society for Mycotoxin Research. He is the ambassador of GHI (Global Harmonization Initiative) for Brazil.

Abderrahmane Aït Kaddour

PhD, Independent Researcher


After a master’s degree in animal physiology, an engineering degree in food processing, and a MASTER 2 in process engineering, Dr. Aït Kaddour did a thesis on the monitoring of mixing and structuring operations of cereal products based on flour and water at the INRAE in Montpellier. Today, he has a professor position at VetAgro Sup, an institute that trains agricultural engineers, veterinarians, and veterinary inspectors. Dr. Aït Kaddour has a broad knowledge of food science and technology with a specialization in dairy products, spectroscopy, and chemometrics.



Divana Youssef

PhD, Independent Researcher

Dr. Youssef has a PhD in plant physiology and molecular genetics – biotechnologies from University of Clermont- Auvergne, France. She is passionate about recent advances in biotechnology and genetic engineering. Her current research interests encompass alternative and sustainable agricultural production systems (e.g., use of vermicompost as an alternative fertilizer to chemical fertilizers on the production of many plants).

Radhia Abdelkebir

PhD, Independent Researcher

Dr. Abdelkebir is a doctor in biological sciences from Arid Regions Institute in Tunisia. She has interests in natural products and bio-resources that can be used as food supplements or functional ingredients to improve the functionality of conventional foods, technological food quality, and probably nutraceutical properties of processed consumer products.

Ahmed Alabboud

Independent Researcher

Ahmed has a master degree in Innovations in Plant, Enzymatic, and Microbial Biotechnologies from University of Lille 1 Sciences and Technology in France. He has special interests in biocontrol, food waste management, and active natural compounds.

Nour Alhaj Abdullah

Independent Researcher

 Nour is an agricultural engineer and a master’s student in food engineering. She is interested in managing food waste to achieve more food sustainability, in addition to her passion for food processing and analysis.

Shahida - Copy

Shahida Anusha Siddiqui

Independent Researcher

Shahida has completed her MSc. in Computational Mechanics in Germany and is now pursuing her PhD in consumer science and psychology in the area of food science and technology. Her research interests mainly target consumer buying behaviour, consumer interests in various foods, and consumer perceptions and thoughts of food waste and packaging waste associated to food.

Khaled Babaadoune

Independent Researcher

Khaled was graduated with a master degree in Innovations in Plant, Enzymatic, and Microbial Biotechnologies from University of Lille 1 Sciences and Technology in France. He has experiences from several projects dealing with biocontrol and bio-sourced packaging, in addition to his interests in food waste management and active natural compounds.

Ammar Hdaifeh

Independent Researcher

Ammar has an international master degree in analyzing and managing Health and Food Risk in France. He is passionate about turning research results into products in order to reduce global food waste and keep this planet safe. He has acquired during his professional career deep knowledge and expertise in Environment and Agri-Food sector

Slim Smaoui

PhD, Independent Researcher

Dr. Smaoui is currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Center of Biotechnology of Sfax, Tunisia. His research lines are: Development of new healthier and functional foods; use of agro-food by-products as source of bioactive compounds and active packaging to protect foods against degradation; evaluation of meat and meat products quality

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