Rev4Food: Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) in Food Production and Consumption


After the First Industrial Revolution (characterized by the use of steam power and mechanization of production), the spread of the use of electrically powered machinery enabled mass production and herald the Second Industrial revolution. The Third Industrial Revolution was characterized by the development of computers and electronics, leading to automation of production. Currently, we are going through the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) age that is dramatically changing all aspects of food production and consumption due to groundbreaking innovations and technological advances.

The main features of the ongoing food Industry 4.0 are:

– Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

– Autonomous robots

– Smart Sensors

– Blockchain

– Internet of Things

– Advances in Nanobiotechnology

– 3D Printed and Personalized Foods, and Alternative Proteins

The Rev4Food project will contribute to the current food Industry 4.0 innovations, paving the way for a more digital transformation and ecological transition of the food production and consumption systems.

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