Sustainable AgriFoodtech Innovation & Research (Safir)

SAFIR is a non-profit research organization that works in collaboration with local and international academic and industrial partners to contribute to addressing food sustainability issues and making foods healthier and more affordable. We strive to turn good ideas into useful applications, along with raising awareness and fostering the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We are passionate science researchers and experts who believe in the power of knowledge, collaboration, research, and innovation and wish to inspire people by offering better chance and opportunities to improve diet and lifestyle. We believe in small changes that, cumulatively and collaboratively, make a big difference!

Our vision

Creating knowledge for a sustainable and healthy food future


We believe that emerging innovations as well as flexible and advanced technologies (such as food sensing technologies, advanced analytics, robotics and the other Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies) are efficient tools to optimize food production systems, reduce food waste and save human resources.

There is an urgent need to get involved in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. Now more than ever before, food sustainability and sustainable development should be thoroughly reconsidered. Our dream is to take food sustainability to a whole another level!

Our motto

Sustainable Food Systems Ambassador


SAFIR means Ambassador in Arabic. Our dream is to become, together with you, the “Sustainable Food Systems Ambassador”!

We believe that achieving this motto requires close collaboration with other national and international academic and industrial partners, both in public and private sectors. Sharing knowledge is a cornerstone of all our research activities.

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